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How To: Publication references

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References, which have not been used before on the page, need to be defined (bibtex entry) instantly:

In [1] and [2], we have discussed which properties of plant model and control layers will guarantee...

References, which have already been used before on the page, can be used again:

In [2], we have also discussed how the remaining degrees of freedom can ...

A reference, where the linked pdf-document has not been uploaded yet, shows a green "UPLOAD FILE" link in the bibliography entry at the bottom:

...cost subject to quality and safety constraints [3].

Preferred format of pdf-filenames

Please chose pdf-filenames that allow to identify the pdf-file on the server as a publication. E.g., chose a format like [First Author]_[Year of publication]_[First words of title].pdf like "Schauer_2005_Powercontrolof.pdf" or similar.

Procedure of adding a new reference

  1. Add reference with bibtex entry within the text (see source code of this page); choose an arbitrary (see "Preferred format of pdf-filenames" above) file name in the "pdf" tag of the bibtex entry (the file to be linked does not need to be uploaded on the server yet); the "link" tag is optional
  2. Click on "UPLOAD FILE" in the resulting bibliography entry at the bottom of the page, choose the desired pdf document and upload it


  1. Thomas Moor, Jörg Raisch, Jen M. Davoren. Admissibility Criteria for a Hierarchical Design of Hybrid Control Systems. In Proc. ADHS03 — IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems, pages 389–394, St. Malo, France, 2003.
  2. 2.0 2.1
    Jörg Raisch, Thomas Moor. Hierarchical Hybrid Control of a Multiproduct Batch Plant, volume 322 of Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, pages 99–216. Springer-Verlag, 2005.
  3. Thomas Moor, Jörg Raisch. Hierarchical Hybrid Control of a Multiproduct Batch Plant. In Proc. 16th IFAC World Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005.

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