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Behrang Monajemi Nejad

From Fachgebiet Regelungssysteme TU Berlin

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Dipl.-Ing. Behrang Monajemi Nejad

Technische Universität Berlin
Fachgebiet Regelungssysteme
Sekretariat EN11
Einsteinufer 17
D-10587 Berlin

Office: EN 209 (Elektrotechnik Neubau)
Phone: +49 (0)30 314-25444
Fax: +49 (0)30 314-21137
Email: nejad@control.tu-berlin.de

Brief Biography

I studied Electrical Engineering at Gilan University, Iran, and Elektrotechnik at TU Berlin. In December 2008, I graduated from TU Berlin (Diplom Elektrotechnik) with honors. For my student research project I designed a model-based predictive multi-variable control for blood sugar and for my diploma thesis I investigated coordinated feedback and consensus design. During my studies I was a student assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Control Systems Group. Since January 2009 I am working as a research and teaching assistant in the Control Systems Group at TU Berlin. My focus is on consensus-based control systems in a Dioid framework.


Office Hours

Monday, 1.30 pm - 3.00 pm
Otherwise by appointment via email




My main research interests are:

  • Consensus-Based Cooperative Control,
  • Supervisory Control Theory,
  • Control in Dioids,
  • Hierarchical Control Theory,
  • Abstraction-Based Hybrid Control.


     (Communication technologies best paper award) 
B. Monajemi Nejad, S.A. Attia, J. Raisch. Max-Consensus in a Max-Plus Algebraic Setting: The Case of Fixed Communication Topologies. In XXII International Symposium on Information, Communication and Automation Technologies, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 2009.
B. Monajemi Nejad, S.A. Attia, J. Raisch. Max-Consensus in a Max-Plus Algebraic Setting: The Case of Switching Communication Topologies. In 10th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, Berlin, Germany, August-September 2010.
Geist, S., Kleinert, T., Klauer, C., Wigger, M., Milbredt, J., Monajemi Nejad, B., Le, T.M., Höser, S.. Dynamic simulation of an integrated thermal separation unit considering practically relevant conditions and limitations. Journal of Process Control, 23 (7):980–989, 2013.
B. Monajemi Nejad, J. Raisch. Consensus-Based Synchronizing Control for Networks of Timed Event Graphs. In 22nd Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, pages 620-627, Palermo, Italy, 16-19 June 2014.

Supervised Theses

Johannes Trunk. Consensus-Based Control in a Dioid-Framework: Output Synchronization. Master Thesis 2014.
Tien Manh Le. Hybride Regelung einer Destillationskolonne mit Brüdenkompression bei Aktivierung von Sicherheitsschaltungen. Diplomarbeit 2012.
Renato Jose Agurto Reveco. Collision Avoidance Using Cooperative Supervisory Control. Master Thesis 2012.
Tien Manh Le. Sicherheitsschaltungen für eine Destillationsanlage mit Brüdenkompression in Matlab/Simulink. Studienarbeit 2012.
Malte Wigger. Entwicklung von Regelkreisen und Anfahrstrategien für eine Destillationskolonne mit Brüdenkompression. Master Thesis 2011.
Michele Cau. Abstraction of a Complex System Using a DES Framework. Master Thesis 2011.
Ye Pu. Decentralized Supervisory Control of Hybrid Systems. Master Thesis 2011.
Xiujun Liu. Energy Management for Series Hybrid Vehicles. Master Thesis 2010.
Lihua Liu. Design and Implementation of a USB-CAN Converter. External Master Thesis 2010.
Danie Vogt. Wireless Sensor Networks for Social Applications. Project Lab Automation 2009.

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