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Miguel Parada Contzen

From Fachgebiet Regelungssysteme TU Berlin

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Miguel Parada Contzen

Technische Universität Berlin
Fachgebiet Regelungssysteme
Sekretariat EN11
Einsteinufer 17
D-10587 Berlin

Office: EN 241 (Elektrotechnik Neubau)
Phone: +49 (0)30 314-22276
Fax: +49 (0)30 314-21137
Email: Parada-Contzen@control.TU-berlin.de

Brief Biography

I graduated as an Electronics Engineer (equivalent to German Diplomingeniuer) in 2009 at Universidad de Concepción, Chile. During my studies I completed a one year exchange program at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany and an internship at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. After a few years working away from academia, I started my doctoral studies in 2013 with the financial support of a scholarship of the Chilean Government.

My research interests include multi agents systems and consensus, switching linear systems, Lyapunov's theory and Linear Matrix Inequalities.


Miguel Parada Contzen. Consensus in Networks with Arbitrary Time Invariant Linear Agents. European Journal of Control, 2017.

Miguel Parada Contzen. Stability of Switched Linear Systems with Possible Zeno Behavior: a Polytopic Approach. Accepted in European Journal of Control, 2017.

Miguel Parada Contzen. Output PI design with Pole Allocation for MIMO systems using LMI. In Mediterranean Control Conference 2017, 2017.

Miguel Parada, Daniel Sbarbaro, Renato A. Borges, Pedro L. D. Peres. Robust PI and PID design for first- and second- order processes with zeros, time-delay and structured uncertainties. International Journal of Systems Science, 2016.

Miguel Parada Contzen, Jörg Raisch. Reactive Power Consensus in Microgrids. In European Control Conference (ECC) 2016, Aalborg, Denmark, 2016.

Miguel Parada Contzen, Jörg Raisch. Active Power Consensus in Microgrids. In International Symposium on Smart Electric Distribution Systems and Technologies (EDST), Vienna, Austria, 2015.

Miguel Parada Contzen. Consensus Algorithm Analysis and Design For Agents With Linear Dynamics. In European Control Conference (ECC), 2015.

Truong Duc Trung, Miguel Parada Contzen. On the Stability of Inverter-Based Microgrids via LMI Optimization. Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics, 2015.

Miguel Parada Contzen, Jörg Raisch. A polytopic approach to switched linear systems. In IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control (MSC), 2014.

M. Parada, R. A. Borges, D. Sbárbaro, P. L. D. Peres. Observer-Based Stabilization of Uncertain Linear Systems with Recycle: An LMI Approach. In European Control Conference (ECC), 2013.

M. Parada, R. A. Borges, D. Sbárbaro, P. L. D. Peres. Robust PID design for second-order processes with time-delay and structured uncertainties. In 18th IFAC World Congress, 2011.

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