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Teaching Overview

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Teaching Overview

Important Notice

Corona Virus / Online Courses: Despite the current situation, all our modules/courses announced for the summer semester 2020 will be held. We will, however, have to switch to online (remote) format.

Modules/Courses starting in the week of April 20th:

  • Systemidentifikation und Regelung in der Medizin (in German)
  • Nonlinear Control Systems
  • Projekt Analyse und Synthese von Regelungssystemen (in German)
  • Project Lab Automation

Modules/Courses starting in the week of April 27th:

  • Hybrid Systems
  • Grundlagen der Regelungstechnik (in German)

For more details, we refer to the module/course websites at ISIS or below.

E-Mail communication: We urgently ask all students to use their TU e-mail addresses only for communication with us.

Module registration

Please use ISIS to sign-in for most of our modules before or at the beginning of the courses. The ISIS registration will be open shortly before the courses start. There will be a special registration website for projects, which will be explained on the project websites linked below. Additionally, you must register for the exams related to your selected modules! With the exception of additional BSc modules (BSc Zusatzmodule), all our modules do require exam registration via QisPos. The deadlines depend on the type of exam which will be announced at the beginning of each module/course. Portfolio exams require the earliest registration six weeks after the start of the courses.


Summer Semester 2020

Lecture period: 20th/27th April — 18th July 2020

Modules SoSe 2020
Type Title Responable LV-Number
IC Grundlagen der Regelungstechnik Raisch / Hans 0430 L 010
IC Systemidentifikation und Regelung in der Medizin (in German) Schauer 0430 L 025
IC Nonlinear Control Systems Seel 0430 L 060
IC Hybrid Systems Raisch / Schafaschek 0430 L 075
PJ Projektpraktikum Automatisierung/Project Lab Automation (in German/English) Schauer / Seel 0430 L 032
PJ Projekt Analyse und Synthese von Regelungssystemen (in German/English) Schauer / Seel 0430 L 029
Seminar Moderne Regelungssysteme Raisch et al. 0430 L 654
RP Regelungssysteme Diplomanden- und Doktoranden-Seminar Raisch et al. 0430 L 033
IC Integrated Course PJ Project RP Research Presentations

Wintersemester 2019/20

Bachelor and Master Theses

Open Theses Topics

  • Master thesis: "Detection/Prediction of Freezing of Gait and movement disorders in Parkinson's Patients using Deep Learning."
    Movement disorders and Freezing of gait (FoG) accompany the daily life of Parkinson's patients. Detecting or even predicting these disorders could enable taking countermeasures to help the patients in their daily activities.
    Expected skills and knowledges:
    - Python/Matlab programming skills
    - Knowledge about signal processing
    - Knowledge about machine learning
    Contact: Ardit Dvorani
  • Master thesis: "Distributed Energy Management system for operational control of Microgrid."
    A microgrid (MG) is a small-scale power system that clusters and manages renewable energy resources and loads within a defined geographical boundary. Microgrid has emerged as a viable architecture to tackle the challenges with high infeed of renewable energy in the future power systems. Energy management system (EMS) in the MG manages the operation control and balancing the demand with the generation. Typical EMS designs are centralised with a single unit in-charge of decision making. This approach lacks scalability, privacy and sensitive to single-point failures. This objective of this thesis is to design of a distributed EMS for operation of MG.
    Contact: Ajay Kumar Sampathirao

Ongoing Theses


  • Masterarbeit: Observability of Motion States in Magnometer-Free Interial Motion Tracking of Kinematic Chains
    (Bearbeiter: Karsten Eckhoff, Betreuer: Thomas Seel).
  • Masterarbeit: Self-sustaining semi-active control of double facade elements for vibration damping in super slender skyscrapers
    (Bearbeiter: Apostolos Vrontos, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Masterarbeit: Modeling toolbox for heterogeneous notes with distributed two-lawyert control in prosumer-based microgrids
    (Bearbeiterin: Nesrine Ouanes, Betreuerin: Lia Strenge)
  • Masterarbeit: Entwicklung eines zweikanaligen, funkbasierten Neurostimulators in modularer, miniaturisierter Bauweise
    (Bearbeiter: Nic Siebenborn, Betreuer: Constantin Wiesener)
  • Masterarbeit: Evaluation, Design and Implementation of a Collaborative Robot Workstation for preparing Electrical Components
    (Bearbeiter: Tim Werken, Betreuer: Vittorio Lippi).
  • Masterarbeit: Entwicklung einer zeitdiskreten Regelung zur Minimierung der Volumenstromschwankungen bei medizinischen Peristaltikpumpen
    (Bearbeiter: Lennart Wiedicke, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).


  • Bachelorarbeit: Klassifizierung von Muskelantworten anhand von Beschleunigungsmessungen zum Finden optimaler Stimulationsparameter bei transkutaner Rückenmarksstimulation
    (Bearbeiter: Stephan Baglikow, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Bachelorarbeit: Development of a web application in the context of digital helath for supervising the development of Parkinsons's disease in patients
    (Bearbeiterin:Elora-Dana Maria Schörverth, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Bachelorarbeit: Entwicklung eines Synchronisierungsverfahrens für Video- und Sensordaten
    (Bearbeiter:Marvin Gran, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Bachelorarbeit: Entwurf und Validierung intelligenter PID-Regler am Beispiel einer Neuroprothese
    (Bearbeiter: Kilian Recher, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Bachelorarbeit: Entwurf und Validierung von Extremwertregelungen einer Neuroprothese
    (Bearbeiterin: Lisa Lokstein, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).

Completed Theses

  • Masterarbeit: Sensor-based Assessment of Gait and Balance Parameters as outcome Measure of tSCS Thearpy in Morbus Parkinson
    (Bearbeiter: Till Thomas, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Masterarbeit: Modeling and simulation of renewable energy sources in the medium voltage grid
    (Bearbeiter: Sicheng Lyu, Betreuer: Lia Strenge).
  • Masterarbeit: Automatic Detection of Swallow Onsets in Bioimpedance and Electromyography Measurements using Deep Neural Networks
    (Bearbeiter: Gamil Farea, Betreuer: Thomas Schauer).
  • Masterarbeit: Iterative learning control in hierarchically controlled power systems
    (Bearbeiter: Xiaohan Jing, BetreuerInnen: Lia Strenge Thomas Seel).
  • Masterarbeit: Development and Validation of Long-Time Stable Magnetometer-free Inertial Lower-Body Motion Tracking
    (Bearbeiter: Kai Brands, Betreuer: Thomas Seel).














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